From Home-maker to a Successful Entrepreneur:

2025: Shanti was once a home maker, taking care of her family and staying back home was her personal choice. She was happy doing it. But a few years later, she had a lot of time in hand. She felt like she needed to utilize this time efficiently. Also she wanted to do something that would make her financially independent and confident. That’s how she came across the Digital Deepak Internship Program and the rest is history.

Today, Shanti is a successful Digital Entrepreneur, Mentor, Blogger and Influencer. She is the founder of the Marketing Agency called Dream Digital. Her office is located in Banashankari, Bangalore. She currently has 50 employees working at her agency. Her earnings are in crores. She has a huge client base, most of which are international clients. She has won the Excellence in Digital Marketing Award for three years in a row. She has won the Best Entrepreneur award in the year 2024. She has also been ranked number two in the list of social media influencers.

She has a blog which is mainly targeted towards women. In her blog, she talks about how a woman can pursue her dreams with sheer will and determination, no matter what stage of life they are in. Her content cut the chords with a huge number of people. Her site has a visit of one lakh visitors everyday. Her content has made people come out of their comfort zone and explore the opportunities available.

She also acts as a Digital Mentor at Pixeltrack. She joined the Digital Deepak team after the completion of her Digital Deepak Internship Program. She has so far trained five thousand students. She is one of the favorite mentors among the students. She has been awarded the best mentor by Deepak Kanakaraju himself.

She also conducts seminars in India and Internationally too. In her seminars, she talks about the importance of digital marketing, economic independence, learning any kind of skills at any age etc. She has so far conducted 15 seminars, each with an audience of at least a thousand people. Thus, she has been a great influence on people, especially women.

Apart from these, she wants to make an impact on the society and give back to the society. She has set up an organization where she conducts several kinds of skill training, especially to women. She also has tie ups with the big companies who hire the people that are trained under her wing. Hence, we see that a lot of women are joining her courses, getting employed and living better lives. And the best part is that the fees that she charges for her courses are very minimal.

On the personal front, she lives happily with her family. She loves to travel. So far, she has travelled to 14 different countries. She is also a fitness enthusiast. She believes that one can achieve anything in life when one is healthy. She goes to the gym everyday for five days a week. She is also very careful about her diet. According to her, being fit keeps the mind positive, helps to stay focused and helps maintain discipline in life.

On an ending note, Shanti is a true inspiration to one and all. She is definitely a person who you can look up to and learn a thing or two. It is important to notice how she transformed herself from a regular home maker to a successful entrepreneur. Hope this article pushes you to take a step further in your life too.

That is all for now folks! See you on my next story.

(This exercise is a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program).